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Hello! I am Jeffrey Mack

Multi-award-winning comedy writer and performer.

A world-renowned master of comedy storytelling, the author of funny quotes and clever jokes. At least according to my nan. You might’ve seen me on TV (nan did) or YouTube.

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When it comes to comedy, nothing ever beats a live performance. This is where the best jokes are born and true legends are forged. So come and witness  comedy history being born.


Germany —785 15h Street, Office 478Berlin, De 81566

Take a seat and enjoy the show of a lifetime

Comedian of
the year

A breakout comedy star of 2021 – Jeffrey Mack – is officially a resident! If you’ve enjoyed his recent TV appearances or have been following his meteoric rise on YouTube, you would not want to miss this.

Get your tickets to the first show of his World Tour right here in The Gig. Don’t miss the stand-up event of the year!

Altadena Guild Home Tour Chair

Summer Swing Nights is an amazingly fun time.  The music is great and The Swing Tones provide a night of entertainment worth far more than the price of admission.  Whether you dance, sing (silently) along, or watch all of the wonderful Swing dancers, you can’t help but have a great time. Get out your dancing shoes and give it a try. Summer Swing Nights embrace times gone by.  You can’t help but have a great time.

Bing Crosby’s Grandson

It was my very great pleasure to perform and open the 2018 season of Summer Swing Nights! It is a fabulous event at an antique/vintage car museum which adds a lot of enjoyment, history, and ambiance! The band was swinging and easy to work with and I look forward to coming back this year! Keep on swingin’!


Aaron was the contact /manager

He was so pleasant to work with. The band was fabulous! People were dancing that usually don’t. The entire group was professional, friendly, and very talented. I would use them again. Thank you Aaron for a wonderful evening.

Esther WolkowitzEsther WolkowitzPhil Crosby Jr.Phil Crosby Jr.Christine FulopChristine Fulop

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